Tips Fantasy NBA Playoff M5

Here we are with three players for role to face this M5 of the NBA Playoffs 2020

Luka Doncic

Good Tuesday Morning to all ours Fantacoaches! We are entering the last part of the Summer, while the NBA Playoff 2020 are ready to shine! These game days seems really difficult to face because of the sweep of Boston and Toronto. We will start on Tuesday at 00.30 with Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets.


  • Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks, 22.5 credits): We have lost the words to describe Luka’s talent. The final goal against the Clippers is the last evidence of his potential. If Dallas wants to stay alive in the Playoff, they have to trust Luka!
  • Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz, 14.7 credits): The 51 points against Denver in the last match probably will decise the challenge between the two teams. Donovan is collecting a lot of points, assist and rebound in these days and for sure he will not stop until his team will reach round 2 of the Playoff 2020.
  • Lou Williams (Los Angeles Clippers, 10.7 credits): Sweet Lou was one of the best players in game 4. Doc Rivers totally trust in his talent and he can be one of the keys to resolve the match with the Mavs. Lou never miss match like this, so let’s trust on him!


  • Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers, 19.5 credits): Here we go with one of the toughest guy of the entire NBA Roster. If the Clippers are in trouble, he always come to save his teammates. Game 5 is calling Kawhi and we are sure that he will respond!
  • Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks, 13.1 credits): The last quarter against the Magic in game 4 was the land of mr. Middleton. Khris has the talent to decide the match in every moment and in game 5 the Bucks will enter the parquet to finish the Orlando Magic’s path.
  • Carmelo Anthony (Portland Trail Blazers): The challenge between Melo e LBJ is quite emotional for all the lovers of the game. Anthony is one of the best player of the NBA but the Portland need more offensive contributes from him. Game 5 can be a perfect situation for him.


  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets, 18.8 credits): If Denver wants to keep alive the Serie, the need a better help from Nikola. He’s having a terrible score on the field and for this reason we are sure that in game 5 he will have a great night for his teammates and for his fans.
  • Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz, 17.8 credits): In the same challenge, the French Center is taking back the respect that he lost in the first days of the Coronavirus. He is giving to us rebounds like the snow in January, and he will continue his positive streak in game 5.
  • Jusuf Nurkic (Portland Trail Blazers): Here we are again with another player who did not shine in this first phase of the Playoffs. Considering the wonders he had accustomed us to in the Bubble, it seems strange to us that good Jusuf doesn’t dominate a center like JaVale McGee. Let’s go Nurkic!


  • Mike Budenholzer (Milwaukee Bucks): After the Bucks’ victory in Game 4, there is little doubt about who will win the series. It would seem very strange to us that Milwaukee throws away a unique opportunity to close the deal quickly. For this reason, mr. Mike seems to us the most effective choice for these game days.

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