Tips Fantasy NBA Playoffs M6

As the first round is slowly coming to an end, the conference semifinals are about to start: follow our tips and you won’t regret it

James Harden Guardia dei Rockets

In the last few days we had some huge news. Russell Westbrook made his return to the court and Kristaps Porzingis has been ruled out for the rest of the first round with a torn meniscus, so obviously this played a part in our decisions for M6. As usual, we’ll give you 3 names per role and a coach: let’s go!


  • James Harden (Houston Rockets, 21 credits): The Beard has been able to carry the Rockets to a 3-2 lead. In game 5, Westbrook showed that he’s not in peak condition yet, so Harden will once again have to be the best player on the court to allow the Rockets to close the series.
  • Chris Paul (OKC Thunder, 13.6 credits): His experience and his knowledge of the game are proving to be key factors in a very competitive series. If the Thunder stand a chance, it’s thanks to CP3.
  • Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets, 13.3 credits): He simply refuses to give up. Even though Jokic is supposed to be the Nuggets’ star, Murray is playing out of his mind and he’s the only reason why the Utah Jazz are not already in the second round.


  • Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics, 15.2 credits): One of the best players in these Playoffs so far. He led the Celtics past the Philadelphia 76ers with a resounding sweep and is ready to take it to the Raptors in game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.
  • Danuel House (Houston Rockets, 7.9 credits): A really nice surprise for our fantasy coaches. House has been one of the best scorers of the series against the Thunder so far and even recorded a double-double. Westbrook’s return will definitely get the ball out of his hands a little more, but this doesn’t mean he can’t keep doing what he does best: putting the basketball inside the bucket.
  • Grant Williams (Boston Celtics, 4.5 credits): The Celtics will have a very complicated task at hand, which is why they’ll need the whole roster to play to the best of their abilities. Williams already proved to be very useful in the first round, so he’ll definitely have some minutes against the Raptors, too.


  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets, 18.9 credits): It’s do or die for the Denver Nuggets and Jamal Murray alone may not be enough this time. They need Jokic to step up even more than he did in game 5 to try and force a game 7 and we believe he will.
  • Ivica Zubac (Los Angeles Clippers, 9.4 credits): Zubac was really solid in game 5 and helped the Clippers blow out the Dallas Mavericks. With Porzingis out for the remainder of the series, he has a very good chance of dominating under the rim.
  • Boban Marjanovic (Dallas Mavericks, 5 credits): The Serbian didn’t fare well in game 5, but to be fair none of the Mavericks did. Tonight Rick Carlisle will need his presence in the paint to try and push the series to game 7.


  • Mike D’Antoni (Houston Rockets, 10 credits): Russell Westbrook is back and ready to take over the series against his former team. Coach D’Antoni will definitely benefit from that, and so will you if you choose him as a coach for your fantasy team.

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