Tips Fantasy NBA Playoff M7

Here we go with our three tips for role in this Game Days

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Good Tuesday morning to all our coaches. After last week’s strike, we are in the middle of the fight for the ring. On this day we will have Game 7 between Denver and Jazz and the first Conference semifinals. Let’s go and see together which are the three players per role recommended on this day.


  • Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz, 14.9 credits): Let’s start immediately with one of the players who is making history in one of the most intense challenges of recent years. Donovan is showing the temper of the leader and, although his Jazz have given way to the recovery of Denver, he remains the greatest hope to get through the round for his team.
  • Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets, 14 credits): We continue with the Playmaker who is keeping up Denver’s hopes of success in the Playoffs and who together with Mitchell is writing a page of history. Jamal is simply on fire and not catching him in this 7th game would be a big mistake for our coaches.
  • Kemba Walker (Boston Celtics, 12.5 credits): Kyrie Irving’s stormy farewell is turning out to be a big deal for the Celtics. Walker is a system player and he is doing very well on a team like Boston. In these playoffs we are seeing him at his best and our hope is that he can continue like this.


  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks, 23.3 credits): The certainties do not betray in these playoffs. A player like Giannis needs no introduction and you know perfectly well that he is capable of placing incredible numbers on any side of the pitch and in any situation.
  • Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors, 13.9 credits): Last season’s MIP is not going through his best period of form in these playoffs. For this reason, the second match against the Celtics can represent an opportunity for redemption for him and the good Pat has the character and personality to lead his teammates.
  • Duncan Robinson (Miami Heat, 7.7 credits): Very particular choice that starts from a simple axiom. The challenge between the Heat and the Bucks promises spectacle and ample pace, which is why a player like Duncan could be comfortable behind the two-point line.


  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets, 19 credits): The Serbian player has risen in level and intensity in the last games of the series. Game 7 is an environment for players of a certain type, and Nikola belongs to this category. The challenge against Gobert promises fire and flames and we would not want to miss it for the world.
  • Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz, 17.2 credits): If Nikola has risen in intensity, Rudy has fallen terribly. As mentioned for Jokic previously, we are heavily intrigued by the challenge between two of the best centers in the League that could decide the series between the two teams.
  • Serge Ibaka (Toronto Raptors, 12,4 credits): In the game 1 defeat against the Celtics, Ibaka was one of the few Toronto players to be saved from a dire situation. Considering a Kyle Lowry in difficulty from a physical point of view, the good Serge could easily take over the leadership of the team.


  • Mike Budenholzer (Milwaukee Bucks, 10.6 credits): It is a complicated choice which, however, turns out to be one of the most sensible. The Bucks are clearly favorites in the series against Miami and for this reason we decide to focus strongly on the Wisconsin franchise.

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