Tips Fantasy NBA Playoff M9

Here we go with the Tips for these incredible Playoff Game Days

LeBron James Lakers

Happy Saturday morning to all our fantacoaches! The more these playoffs go on, the more we realize the high level there is in the League today. The flip side implies increasingly difficult choices at Dunkest. The round will start in the night between Saturday and Sunday with the match between Boston and Toronto.


  • Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat): The former Chicago player is the cornerstone of a team that amazes fans of the game more and more every day. Considering that he has taken a few empty passes in the past few days, we are sure that in the decisive moment he will not abandon his teammates.
  • Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors, 14 credits): The performance in Game 3 against Boston is a message to all the Basket Fans. Grit, sweat and talent for a player who in Leonard’s absence became the absolute leader of the team. Game 4 is for strong hearts, and Kyle Lowry belongs in this category.
  • Kemba Walker (Boston Celtics, 12.5 credits): Even in defeat, Kemba always remains one of the best in his team. Had it not been for Anunoby’s miraculous triple, his move to Theis would have become the manifesto of a team that has now grown up. As mentioned for Kyle, Saturday night’s game requires the presence of the stars … and Kemba has finally become a star.


  • LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers): It finally begins the moment when the King gives the best of his talents. Despite incredible averages in the series against Portland, LeBron still appears not to have reached top form. Against Houston, King James will take a further step in his condition and that can mean a lot of points at Dunkest.
  • Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics, 15.1 credits): After the bad night in Game 3, Jayson wants to take the series back against the Raptors. Considering what he is able to do when he is on a basketball court, we are pretty sure of his (high) score on this Dunkest Gamedays.
  • Paul Millsap (Denver Nuggets, 8 credits): Despite the devastating defeat to the Clippers, Millsap is one of the few Denver players to have saved himself from defeat. In addition, Paul seemed particularly energetic under the basket and made a bigger contribution than Nikola Jokic. He has a good cost, it could be an intriguing bet.


  • Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat): The demonic wall designed by Coach Spoelstra to stem Ante has the good old Bam as its reference point. Without the fouls in Game 2, Adebayo would probably have achieved a higher score. In any case, it remains one of the few certainties in the role.
  • Ivica Zubac (Los Angeles Clippers, 9.8 credits): Many had predicted the total defeat of the Croatian center against the overflowing form of Jokic. In game 1 it wasn’t like that and Ivica literally dominated the area. Game 2 does not leave too much hope for the Nuggets and Zubac will certainly be able to leave his mark on the pitch.
  • Javale McGee (Los Angeles Lakers): The Rockets small ball held out against OKC, but could face several problems against the Lakers. Considering the measures of Covington and co, the beloved Javalone can literally have free rein in the opponent’s area.


  • Doc Rivers (Los Angeles Clippers): The triumph of race 1 against the Clippers once again underlines the strategic ability of Doc Rivers. In every moment of the game he always knows what to do and the various Leonard and George seem gratified by his game system. Plus, the Nuggets are making his job incredibly easy. He is probably the easiest choice of the day.

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