Tips Fantasy NBA Playoff M10

Here we go with the three players for role to face M10 in the Playoff NBA 2020

Bam Adebayo Miami Heat

Good Monday morning to all our Fantacoaches! After an incredible day of playoffs that saw Toronto and Denver draw, we are ready to give you the best possible advice to face these difficult Dunkest days. The round will start with Boston vs Toronto on the night between Monday and Tuesday.


  • Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics, 11.7 credits): Even the best players can have a bad night. After some wonderful playoffs, the good Jaylen was probably decisive in the defeat of his Team in Game 4. Precisely for this reason, I strongly believe in the desire for revenge of one of the players with the most personality of the entire League.
  • Lou Williams (Los Angeles Clippers, 9.8 credits): Sweet Lou has not yet found a way to make his mark on the Nuggets’ defense. Considering Beverley’s physical temper tantrums, the good Williams could become the reference point in the direction of the Clippers.
  • George Hill (Milwaukee Bucks, 7.6 credits): In the absence of Giannis, Mr. Hill had a very considerable number of minutes on the pitch. After the extraordinary victory in game 4 that avoided the sweep at the Bucks, George’s talent could represent an important starting point for his team.
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  • Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers, 19.8 credits): A player like Kawhi cannot fail to react on a defeat like the one suffered in Game 2 against Denver. We rely heavily on the agonistic fury of the two-time NBA Finals MVP and we are sure that this time around he will not let us down.
  • Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks, 13.7 credits): In the absence of his Greek soul mate, Middleton took over the reins of his team along with Bledsoe. The comeback against Miami is extremely difficult, but in the absence of Giannis we strongly believe that Khris’ talent can give satisfaction to the Dunkest game.
  • Duncan Robinson (Miami Heat, 7.8 credits): On the other side of the fence, the young Heat winger is benefitting enormously from the series’ high tempo. Play as if he were a veteran of the League and his calm in shooting can be decisive in solving the enigma between the Heat and the Bucks.


  • Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat, 17.6 credits): Monster performance in Game 4 that could have brought more Dunkest points if the Heat had won. The young Edrige is now one of the certainties of the Miami roster and will become a hyper in demand player within the NBA. Bam is certainly the most reliable center in the Playoffs right now.
  • Serge Ibaka (Toronto Raptors, 12.1 credits): What a charisma for old Ibaka! His presence on the pitch is never trivial and always manages to adequately read the game. Considering the difficulties of the Celtics under the basket, Serge can become the tip of the balance in one of the most exciting clashes of the 2020 Playoffs.
  • Robert Williams III (Boston Celtics, 5.9 credits): We risk everything with the last choice among the centers. Robert is now a regular at Celtics rotations and in every game he manages to be effective. If Boston wants to get back into the series with Toronto, it needs more presence under the basket and that takes more minutes for Bobby.


  • Doc Rivers (Los Angeles Clippers): Despite the debacle in game 2, the Clippers remain broad favorites in the series against Denver. Mr.Rivers cannot go wrong in this match and we are sure he will be able to adequately touch the heart of his champions.

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