Tips Fantasy NBA Playoffs M11

With only 3 games, there are not many players left to pick, which makes it even harden to get the right ones. Follow our tips for M11

Rondo Guardia dei Lakers

The Heat are the only team that’s already in the conference finals: the team led by Jimmy Butler is currently waiting for the winner of the series between the Celtics and the Raptors. As far as the West goes, the two LA teams are up 2-1, so basically anything can still happen. With that in mind, let’s try and pick the best players for your fantasy team.


  • Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets, 13.3 credits): He might not be playing like he did against the Jazz, but he needs to step up his game for the Nuggets to have even the slightest chance. In game 4, it’s basically do or die, so we think he’ll perform to the best of his abilities.
  • Rajon Rondo (Los Angeles Lakers, 7.9 credits): After a sloppy performance in game 1, Rondo played 2 amazing games, almost notching back-toback double-doubles. Other than LeBron and AD, he’s the most important players on this Lakers team.
  • Brad Wanamaker (Boston Celtics, 5.3 credits): The Celtics will get a chance to close the series in game 6, but that doesn’t mean that Brad Stevens won’t keep the rotations going. Moreover, Wanamaker proved that he can be a factor whenever he steps on the court.


  • Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers, 21.6 credits): Even though the Rockets’ small ball is causing a lot of problems to the Lakers, AD has been playing very well in the last two games. He’s undoubtedly the weapon LeBron needed to be able to chase another championship as well as the one you nedd on your fantasy team.
  • Paul George (Los Angeles Clippers, 14.7 credits): After a rocky start, it looks like Playoff P is back for good. In game 3 he led the Clippers to a hard-fought win and you can expect him to do the same tonight.
  • Markieff Morris (Los Angeles Lakers, 5.4 credits): Not the best option for your team nor for the Lakers, but with Davis playing as a center, Morris has been doing pretty well as the Lakers’ power forward.


  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets, 19.2 credits): Even though the Nuggets have a very tough task, Jokic can exploit the absence of a real high-level center on the other side of the court. If Jokic and Murray do their thing, then this series could get a little bit longer,
  • Ivica Zubac (Los Angeles Clippers, 9.5 credits): One of the last good centers left. He’s very cheap, so he’s probably the best option if you want to use your credits to get a more balanced team.
  • Robert Williams III (Boston Celtics, 5.8 credits): If we’re talking about cost-quality ratio, then Williams III is without a doubt the best center you can get. With the Celtics one step away from the conference finals, he’ll certainly be as focused as he’s ever been: that’s why you need him.


  • Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics, 9.8 credits): The Celtics already proved to be one of the best teams in the league and, in game 5, they gave the Raptors no chance. With Miami waiting for them, they’re probably eager to send Toronto home as quickly as possible.

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