Tips Fantasy NBA M39

Here we are with all our tips for this M39!

Dejounte Murray in maglia Spurs

A new matchday is coming. Let’s get ready!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with another matchday. M39 is around the corner and we’re ready to suggest you the best players for your team. Remember that the Oklahoma City Thunder will rest. So, both players (injured too) and coach (not a good choice) will receive their average score.


Dejounte Murray (San Antonio Spurs, 18.4 cr): one of our favourite players because of his ability to do a little bit of everything. He’s a triple double machine. This round the Spurs will face the Rockets in a high-scoring game. He can be a great option.

Ayo Dosonmu (Chicago Bulls, 5.3 cr): no Lonzo Ball, no Alex Caruso. The young rookie has shown his potential and his minutes will increase. Price-quality ratio, one of the best choices.


Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics, 17 cr): what a performance some nights ago against Washington. He’s the leader of the Celtics and he’s showing once again his talent. Tonight, he will face the Kings and this might be a good idea for your team.

De’Andre Hunter (Atlanta Hawks, 6.7 cr): from a player who will face the Kings to another. In the last four games he saw his minutes increase and his performances were pretty good (22.5, 21.5, 26.5, 23.5). Trust him.


Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets, 26.6 cr): we have no more words to describe him. The Serbian big man is demonstrating once again that he’s one of the best players of the league and a candidate for the MVP award. He will face again the Pistons; some nights ago, he had a 51.5 pdk game. It’s very expansive but he’s one of the most reliable players of the league.

Christian Wood (Houston Rockets, 14.9 cr): he’s the best player for his team. Against the Spurs it might be a high-scoring game and he can score a double double.


Nate Mcmillan (Atlanta Hawks, 5.6 cr): after a difficult period, the Hawks came back with their main players. As we said, they will face the Kings and we saw them as the winners.  

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