Tips Fantasy NBA M61

Here we are with all our tips for the upcoming M61

Last Sunday Night for the Regular Season.

Ladies and gentlemen, M61 will be the last Sunday night gameday for the regular season. This one will be a two-rounded matchday. Let’s have a look to our names.


Tyrese Haliburton (Indiana Pacers, 16.4 cr): after a difficult period for the team and for him, Haliburton in recent games has returned to shine as he used to. Tonight, he will face the Pistons and we expect a high score from him.

C.J McCollum (New Orleans Pelicans, 14.8 cr): after arriving via trade from Portland, CJ has become a key player for the Pelicans’ offense. Together with Ingram, he has composed a very talented duo.


Keldon Johnson (San Antonio Spurs, 12.6 cr): some nights ago, he had an amazing performance against Portland. Tonight, he will face them again. We can trust him once again.

Drew Eubanks (Portland Trail Blazers, 8.1 cr): a cheap name for a starter. He will face again his former team (Spurs) and it could be a really good name.


Karl – Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves 20.1 cr): KAT is having a really good final part of the season. Against the Rockets he might have a huge performance to led the Twolves to the playoffs after a long time.

Andre Drummond (Brooklyn Nets, 11,3 cr): copy and paste of what was said for Towns. With no Wood, he could dominate the paint and collect so many rebounds.


Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs, 6.3 cr): we trust the winningest coach of the NBA history against the Trail Blazers.

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