Tips Fantasy NBA Playoff M2

Here we are with our tips for the upcoming M2 of the NBA playoffs

Al Horford in maglia Celtics

The NBA playoffs began with incredible games. Here there are our tips for M2.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NBA playoffs started with amazing performances. M2 will be the first three-rounded gameday. Let’s have a look to our names.


Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns, 17.4 cr): “Point God” playoff mode ON. Chris Paul had an amazing M1 against his former team with a huge double double. He’s still a very good choice.

Tyrese Maxey (Philadelphia 76ers, 10.6 cr): what a game for Maxey in M1. The young guy is probably one of the best players for Doc Rivers if we don’t consider the two all-stars. We can trust him once again.


Bobby Portis (Milwaukee Bucks, 10.1 cr): as we said previously, against his former team, he has always an extra motivation. A double double in M1 and he can do it again in the following game.

Jaden McDaniels (Minnesota Timberwolves, 7.9 cr): this young kid is a good option for a low price. He can score, rebound and block shots. In M1 he had 30 PDK and now you can pick him.


Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz, 16.50 cr): the French big man in M1 scored only 5 points because of the few possessions received. However, he collected 17 rebounds and in M2, with probably no Luka Doncic once again, and with no real opponents, he can dominate the paint.

Al Horford (Boston Celtics, 11 cr): with no Robert Williams III, he’s the main big man for the Celtics. In M1 realized a huge double double and dominated against Drummond. The Dominican big man is one of the best center price-quality ratio.


Quin Snyder (Utah Jazz, 9.6 cr): the Jazz will face once again the Mavs that will do without Doncic once again. He’s one of the best option.

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