Dunkest Fantasy Playoffs: how to play

The regular season is over and it’s time to play NBA Fantasy for the Playoffs. How does it work the post season for Dunkest Fantasy Basketball?

Il logo dei Playoffs NBA

Dunkest NBA Fantasy Basketball continues also for the NBA Playoffs with a different formula designed to make the post season even more exciting.

What happens to your fantasy teams with the Playoffs? Let’s see the fundamental points that characterize the game during the post-season.

1) From Regular Season to Playoffs

Regular Season and Playoffs in Dunkest’s NBA Fantasy Basketball are considered two separate phases of the season. Within the game you will find the possibility to select the two options:

Here’s what happens based on your selection:

  • Regular Season: you will see the situation of your fantasy teams at the end of the Regular Season. Here you can check at any time your scores and your position in the various leagues.
  • Playoffs: here you can create and manage your fantasy teams and your leagues for the post-season.

2) A new beginning

With the Post Season everything starts again from the beginning:

  • Fantasy Teams keep existing with the same name, but will be “reset” so you have to choose the entire roster again.
  • The credit budget is back to 95 credits (105 for those who renew the purchase of the “MVP” package).
  • Each fantasy team can have a maximum of 6 players of the same team.
  • Player ratings will be adjusted to based on the budget available and their expected performance.

3) What about my leagues?

Also for Classic Leagues and Draft Leagues it’s a new beginning:

  • The Main Classic Leagues (General and by Country) will be reset, all fantasy teams restart from 0 points
  • Private and Public Classic Leagues have to be recreated

4) Playoffs Calendar

Given the frequency of matches, the fantasy basketball schedule changes slightly for the Playoffs:

  • Each Matchday is shorter and last an average of 2 Turns, but there are also Matchday composed by only 1 Turn.
  • At the end of each Matchday it’s possible to trade players to improve the team
  • All matches of the Playoffs will count towards scoring

IMPORTANT: The Playoffs Matchday 1 calendar, will initially be “fictitious” until the official dates are available.

5) Advantages

The game advantages purchased during the Regular Season are valid until the end of the same.

During the Playoffs it is necessary to make a new purchase, except for the “Season Pass” option which is valid for Regular Season & Playoffs.

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