Chael Sonnen accuses LeBron James of using doping

Chael Sonnen claims that LeBron James uses substances that are not allowed by the NBA.

Chael Sonnen su LeBron James

During an episode of Andrew Schulz’s podcast, “Flagrant 2,” the former UFC athlete made some strong statements about LeBron James.

Sonnen believes that James undergoes treatments that are banned by the NBA, particularly referring to a specific hormone treatment that would increase an athlete’s endurance during performance.

If you knew what these enhancers did, then you would understand why it’s important. We have the same person we’re asking for them, and I know perfectly well what he’s doing. These substances increase the red blood cells and allow you to be more resilient,” said Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen, via “Flagrant 2”

According to Sonnen, the substances used by the NBA’s All-Time Leading Scorer would fall into the category of Performance Enhancement Drugs (PED), or doping substances, as identified by the league.

More than sounding like an accusation, Sonnen’s statement is intended to bring attention to a topic that too often is ignored when athletes are asked about it.

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