NBA Teams with the most Playoff Games and Wins

Looking for the NBA team with the most playoff games and wins? Discover their record-breaking numbers and the other top teams on the list

Kobe e Gasol in maglia Lakers

The NBA playoffs are the ultimate test of a team’s ability to perform under pressure. Over the years, some teams have been consistently successful in the playoffs, playing a large number of games and earning a high number of wins. In this article, we will take a closer look at the NBA team with the most playoff games and wins.

Which NBA team has played the most playoff games?

The Los Angeles Lakers hold the record for the most playoff games played in NBA history, with a total of 761 games as of the end of the 2021-2022 playoffs. The Lakers have also won the most playoff games in NBA history, with 447 wins to their name.

The Lakers are also the team with the most NBA Titles and with the most NAB Playoff Appearances. These success is due in large part to the many great players who have donned the purple and gold, including Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal.

The Boston Celtics are the team with the second-most playoff games played in NBA history, with a total of 699 games and 381 wins. The team’s success in the playoffs is due in large part to their legendary players, including Bill Russell who holds the record for the most rings, Larry Bird, and Paul Pierce.

Most NBA Playoff Games and Wins

#TeamGames PlayedWins% Wins
1Los Angeles Lakers76145860%
2Boston Celtics69939657%
3Philadelphia 76ers47124251%
4San Antonio Spurs40322255%
5Atlanta Hawks38416844%
6New York Knicks38018749%
7Golden State Warriors37120656%
8Detroit Pistons37018951%
9Chicago Bulls34918754%
10Oklahoma City Thunder33116450%
11Houston Rockets32215849%
12Phoenix Suns30915450%
13Milwaukee Bucks30114950%
14Utah Jazz29213546%
15Portland Trail Blazers27411943%
16Miami Heat26714956%
17Indiana Pacers24111548%
18Washington Wizards2379942%
19Cleveland Cavaliers22912555%
20Dallas Mavericks22710546%
21Denver Nuggets2108239%
22Sacramento Kings1878043%
23Brooklyn Nets1677042%
24L.A. Clippers1426344%
25Orlando Magic1335944%
26Toronto Raptors1235746%
27Memphis Grizzlies923639%
28Charlotte Hornets632337%
29Minnesota Timberwolves582034%
30New Orleans Pelicans552240%

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