NBA Players with the Most Rings

The List of NBA Players with most Championship Rings. Discover which player holds the record for most NBA titles in history

Bill Russell in maglia Celtics

Who are the NBA players with the most Championships? The history of the NBA is full of legendary players who have written important pages in the sport, by reaching impossible goals and global visibility.

Who has the most NBA Rings? After having seen the most winning NBA Teams, here’s the list of player has won the majority of NBA rings and the ranking of the most successful players ever.

NBA Player with the Most Championships

Bill Russell is the player who holds the record for most rings, with 11 NBA Titles in 13 seasons played with the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics won their first NBA title in 1957 thanks to a team built over the years and led by Red Auerbach. The player that lead the team was Bill Russell and, thanks to him, between 1957 and 1969 the franchise won 11 titles in 13 seasons, including 8 consecutive rings, a record that is still unmatched in the history of team sports. Bill imposed himself in those years as one of the best rebounders ever.

This was the Celtics Dynasty, a team that will be remembered as one of the 10 best NBA teams ever.

List of NBA Players with the Most Rings

1Bill Russell1311
2Sam Jones1210
3Tom Heinsohn98
K. C. Jones98
Tom “Satch” Sanders138
John Havlicek168
7Jim Loscutoff97
Frank Ramsey97
Robert Horry167
10Bob Cousy146
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar206
Michael Jordan156
Scottie Pippen176
14George Mikan75
Jim Pollard75
Slater Martin115
Larry Siegfried95
Don Nelson145
Michael Cooper125
Earvin “Magic” Johnson135
Dennis Rodman145
Ron Harper155
Steve Kerr155
Kobe Bryant205
Derek Fisher185
Tim Duncan195
27Vern Mikkelsen104
Frank Saul64
Bill Sharman114
Gene Guarilia44
Jamaal Wilkes124
Kurt Rambis144
Robert Parish214
Will Perdue134
John Salley114
Horace Grant174
Shaquille O’Neal194
Manu Ginobili164
Tony Parker184
LeBron James204
Andre Iguodala214
Steph Curry144
Klay Thompson124
Draymond Green114

LeBron James Championships

LeBron James won 4 NBA Championships during his career and he is the only active player in 2021 to join the the list of the most successful players of NBA history.

List of LeBron’s Rings: 2 with the Miami Heat (2012, 2013), 1 with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2016) and the last one with the Los Angeles Lakers (2020).

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