NBA All-Time 3-Point Record and Leaders

Who are the 10 best 3-point shooters in the NBA? Find out the Top 10 NBA 3-point leaders and record

Steph Curry NBA All-Time 3-Point Leader

The 3-point stats highlights, more than other stats, the particularities of the modern NBA game and the differences with the past.

Unlike the NBA All-Time Scoring Leaders and minutes played leaders, which are dominated by no longer active players, the NBA 3 Point leaders is full of players still in activity.

This peculiarity is due to some important historical aspects: the 3-point shooting was introduced in the NBA in 1979 and the players needed some time to master it. In the 90s started to growth the great specialists of this technique but only in the last 20 years the 3-point shooting become part of the basic techniques required of all professional players, and thus witnessing a generalized growth of skills.

NBA 3-Point Record

The current NBA leader for most three-pointers in a career is Steph Curry with 3.339 threes, a record achieved on December 14th, 2021 at the Madison Square garden against the New York Knicks.

Who has the NBA record for most 3 pointers in a game?

The record for NBA 3-point in a match is instead up to Klay Thompson. On October 29th, 2018 he scored 14 threes in the match Golden State Warrios – Chicago Bulls, ended with a sensational 149 to 124. Klay Thompson is currently one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, endowed with a superfine technical gesture that will lead him to climb quickly in the all-time ranking.

But let’s not waste any more time! Here are the top 10 NBA career 3-point shooters. (Last update: 16 March 2023).

NBA All-Time 3-Point Leaders

1Stephen Curry*3.505
2Ray Allen2.973
3James Harden*2.801
4Reggie Miller2.560
5Damian Lillard*2.457
6Kyle Korver2.450
7LeBron James*2.316
8Vince Carter2.290
9Klay Thompson*2.284
10Jason Terry2.282
11Jamal Crawford2.221
12Paul Pierce2.143
13Kyle Lowry*2.132
14Paul George*2.085
15Jason Kidd1.988
16Dirk Nowitzki1.982
17Joe Johnson1.978
18J.J. Redick1.950
19Eric Gordon*1.935
20JR Smith1.930
21Kevin Durant*1.912
22Chauncey Billups1.830
23Kobe Bryant1.827
active players in bold

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NBA Active 3-Point Leaders

1Stephen Curry3.505
2James Harden2.801
3Damian Lillard2.457
4LeBron James2.316
5Klay Thompson2.284
6Kyle Lowry2.132
7Paul George2.085
8Eric Gordon1.935
9Kevin Durant1.912
10Wesley Matthews1.827
NBA Active 3-Point Leaders

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