NBA Longest Losing Streaks

Who has the longest losing streak in NBA history? Check out the record for consecutive losses

Coach Brown e Michael Carter-Williams

After the longest winning streak in the NBA, here’s the analysis of the other side of the coin, the negative side of the record. Who lost the most consecutive games in the NBA?

Record for NBA Longest losing streaks

The Philadelphia 76ers lost 28 consecutive games across two season, 2014-15 and 2015-16. The Losing Streaks ended with the victory against the Lakers.

In the first season, the Sixers finished the regular season 14th, with 18 wins and 64 losses. The following year they managed to do even worse, they ended the season as the last team in the East Conference ranking with 10 wins and 72 losses.

In addition, the Philadelphia 76ers hold another embarrassing record: they got losing streaks of 20 or more consecutive games, for 3 times in their history.

NBA All-Time Longest Losing Streaks

RankTeamSeasonLosing Streaks
1Philadelphia 76ers2014-1628
2Philadelphia 76ers2013-1426
Cleveland Cavaliers2010-1126
4Cleveland Cavaliers1981-8324
5Denver Nuggets1997-9823
Charlotte Bobcats2011-1223
Vancouver Grizzlies1995-9623
8Detroit Pistons1980-8121
9Philadelphia 76ers1972-7320
New York Knicks1984-8620
Dallas Mavericks1993-9420
Los Angeles Clippers1993-9520
Houston Rockets2020-2120
14Philadelphia 76ers1971-7319
San Diego Clippers1981-8219
Los Angeles Clippers1988-8919
Dallas Mavericks1992-9319
Vancouver Grizzlies1995-9619
Orlando Magic2003-0419
New Jersey Nets2008-1019
Memphis Grizzlies2017-1819
22Utah Jazz1981-8218
Boston Celtics2006-0718
Minnesota Timberwolves2010-1218
Charlotte Bobcats2012-1318
New York Knicks2018-1918
27San Francisco Warriors1964-6517
San Diego Rockets1967-6817
Miami Heat1988-8917
Orlando Magic1991-9217
Dallas Mavericks1993-9417
Toronto Raptors1997-9817
Los Angeles Clippers1998-9917
Los Angeles Clippers1999-0017
Philadelphia 76ers2014-1517
Phoenix Suns2018-1917
Minnesota Timberwolves2019-2017

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