NBA All-Time Games Played Leaders

Who is the player with the most games played in the NBA? Here is the NBA All-Time Games Played Record and Leaders

Robert Parish

Being part of the NBA Games Played leaders is not something for everyone, as it requires many sacrifices, a lot of perseverance and even a bit of luck in avoiding injuries.

Record for Games Played

The NBA record for games played is 1,611 games and belongs to Robert Parish, who played a total of 21 seasons in the league.

Parish was drafted by the Warriors in 1976, but he’s known to everyone for the 14 years (1980-1994) and 3 rings performed in the Boston Celtics of Larry Bird and Kevin McHale. After 2 years in Charlotte he won his fourth title with the Michael Jordan’s Bulls.

Despite having the record for games played, he is only 18th in the minutes played ranking.

NBA Games Played Leaders

RankPlayerSeasonsGames Played
1Robert Parish211,611
2Kareem Abdul-Jabbar201,560
3Vince Carter221,541
4Dirk Nowitzki211,522
5John Stockton191,504
6Karl Malone191,476
7Kevin Garnett211,462
8Kevin Willis211,424
9Jason Terry191,410
10Tim Duncan191,392
11Jason Kidd191,391
12Reggie Miller181,389
13Clifford Robinson181,380
14Kobe Bryant201,346
15Paul Pierce191,343
16Gary Payton171,335
17Moses Malone191,329
18Jamal Crawford201,327
19Buck Williams171,307
20LeBron James181,305

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