NBA Record for Minutes Played all-time

Who holds the NBA Record for Minutes Played? Find out the Top 10 NBA players with the most Minutes Played in the NBA history

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Lakers

The stats minutes played says a lot about the careers of NBA players, their longevity and importance in the history of the league.

Reaching the NBA is difficult. Staying there year after year among the best players in the world is almost impossible. In the history of the league there have been countless players who have seen their careers derailed too soon due to poor mental qualities or injuries.

But then there were players who had a devastating impact over a long period. Today we honor them by talking about the top 10 players with the most minutes played in NBA history.

Who has played the most minutes in the NBA?

The NBA player with the most minutes played is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 57,446 minutes.

Kareem has always been synonymous with quality, longevity and consistency. Not many players have managed to thrive as long as he does and play 1,560 games in 20 seasons. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not only the leader in minutes played, but also the best NBA scorer ever with 38,387 points.

Despite this record Kareem is only on the second place for Games Played All-Time.

But let’s find out who is positioned behind him.

NBA Most Minutes Played All-Time

1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar57,446
2Karl Malone54,852
3Dirk Nowitzki51,368
4Kevin Garnett50,418
5Jason Kidd50,111
6Elvin Hayes50,000
7LeBron James*49,671
8Kobe Bryant48,637
9Wilt Chamberlain47,859
10John Stockton47,764
* Active Players in 2021

But among the players still active in 2021 we find some interesting surprises, even if currently the first position is firmly in the hands of the legend LeBron James.

NBA Active Leaders for Minutes Played

RankPlayerMinutes Played
1LeBron James49,671
2Carmelo Anthony40,793
3Andre Iguodala38,075
4Dwight Howard37,808
5Chris Paul36,479
6LaMarcus Aldridge34,998
7Kevin Durant31,984
8Rudy Gay31,921
9Trevor Ariza31,650
10Russell Westbrook31,126

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