NBA Playoff, the Highest-scoring Games

Which Playoff game ended up with the highest score? Let’s check it out!

Clyde Drexler

We have already seen which player scored the most point in a single Playoff game. Today we’ll see which teams have recorded the highest scores.

The record is dated 1992 and is still unbeaten even though some teams were pretty close in recent years.

NBA Playoff highest-scoring record

Back to May 11, 1992, Western semifinal between Phoenix Suns and Portland Trail Blazers ended up 151 – 153. They scored 304 points in total, after two OT. Clyde Drexler scored 33 points, Kevin Johnson 35.

Portland Trail Blazers players were thrilled after the first place in the Western Conference in Regular Season and the victory against the Lakers in the first round series.

They lost Conference Semifinals Game 3 and they were seeking redemption. And so it was: thoe 153 against the Suns led the Blazers to the NBA Finals, where they were defeated by one of the best teams in NBA history, Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

Despite the high score, this historic match ranks in last place of the All-time NBA games with the most high-scoring.

The second place finisher on this special ranking, on the other hand, is much more recent: during the last edition of the NBA playoffs, in the match between the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers that ended 147-140 after two overtimes, 287 points were scored, 17 fewer than the all-time record.

NBA Playoff High-scoring Games

#GameTotal pointsDateOver-time
1Phoenix Suns 151-153 Portland Trail Blazer30411 May 19922
2Boston Celtics 157-128 New York Knicks28525 April 19900
San Antonio Spurs 152-133 Denver Nuggets28526 April 19830
4Dallas Mavericks 151-129 Seattle Supersonics28023 April 19870
5San Francisco Warriors 143-136 St. Louis Hawks2791 April 19670
6Sacramento Kings 137-141 Dallas Mavericks27810 May 20032
Minneapolis Lakers 135-143 St. Louis Hawks27825 March 19572
8Portland Trail Blazers 140-137 Denver Nuggets2773 May 20194
Los Angeles Lakers 147-130 Phoenix Suns27720 April 19850
10Chicago Bulls 142-134 Brooklyn Nets27617 April 20133
Philadelphia 76ers 120-156 Milwaukee Bucks27630 May 19700
Philadelphia 76ers 141-135 San Francisco Warriors27614 April 19671
13Milwaukee Bucks 137-138 Boston Celtics27510 May 19872
14Golden State Warriors 133-140 Phoenix Suns2734 May 19940
Boston Celtics 142-131 Cincinnati Royals27310 April 19630
16Brooklyn Nets 122-150 Toronto Raptors27223 August 20200
17Portland Trail Blazers 138-122 San Antonio Spurs27015 May 19902
Dallas Mavericks 139-131 Portland Trail Blazers27018 April 19852
Philadelphia 76ers 138-132 New York Knicks27027 March 19682
20Los Angeles Lakers 135-134 Milwaukee Bucks26812 April 19720

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