NBA Playoff Single Game Point Record

Which player scored the most points in a single NBA Playoff game? If you are asking, we’ll give you an answer.

Michael Jordan

There are games in which some players become the worst defense nightmare and the most beautiful dream for fans and teammates.

This is the topic of the day: let’s talk about the player who scored most points in a single Playoff game and about the all-time ranking.

Record for Points in a Single Playoff Game

The record for most points in a NBA playoff game belongs to Michael Jordan, who scored 63 points in Game 2, First Round, of 1986 Playoff against the Celtics.

April, 20th 1986. Boston Garden, temple of the NBA. Game 2 of the First Round. On one side of the parquet, the Boston Celtics, led by His Majesty Larry Bird; on the other side, the Chicago Bull with a very young, yet irrepressible, Michael Jordan.

MJ had already scored 49 points in Game 1 but, as he said some years later, “limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” And that’s exactly what happened.

In Game 2, Michael exceeds himself and puts on one of the most astonishing performance of all the times, including but not limited to basket. #23 scores 63 points, though useless for the victory: the Bulls losses, but MJ shocks the whole world.

To further corroborate that unforgettable night, Larry Bird, not an easy man to impress, makes the following statement:

It’s just God disguised as Michael Jordan

Larry Bird after Jordan’s 63 points

Most Points Scored In A Single Game In The Playoffs

Even though Michael Jordan’ six times presences in the leaderboard, he is not the all-time player with most points scored in the Playoffs.

In NBA playoffs, no one has ever come close to Wilt Chamberlain‘s record of 100 points in a regular season game.

1Michael Jordan63Chicago Bulls
2Elgin Baylor61Los Angeles Lakers
3Donovan Mitchell*57Utah Jazz
4Jimmy Butler*56Miami Heat
Charles Barkley56Phoenix Suns
Michael Jordan56Chicago Bulls
Wilt Chamberlain56Philadelphia Warriors
8Damian Lillard*55Portland Trail Blazers
Allen Iverson55Philadelphia 76ers
Michael Jordan55Chicago Bulls
Michael Jordan55Chicago Bulls
Michael Jordan55Chicago Bulls
Rick Barry55San Francisco Warriors
14Allen Iverson54Philadelphia 76ers
Michael Jordan54Chicago Bulls
John Havlicek54Boston Celtics
17Nikola Jokic*53Denver Nuggets
Isaiah Thomas53Boston Celtics
Jerry West53Los Angeles Lakers
Wilt Chamberlain53Philadelphia Warriors
21Allen Iverson52Philadelphia 76ers
Jerry West52Los Angeles Lakers
23Donovan Mitchell*51Utah Jazz
LeBron James*51Cleveland Cavaliers
Russell Westbrook*51Oklahoma City Thunder
Jayson Tatum*51Boston Celtics
Ray Allen51Boston Celtics
Sleepy Floyd51Golden State Warriors
Sam Jones51Boston Celtics
* Active players

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