NBA Playoff All-Time Scoring Leaders

Who has scored the most points in NBA playoffs? What is the all-time ranking? Let’s find out together in this article!

LeBron James

When we talk about NBA playoffs, we cannot help but think about all the records that are associated with them.

And if the first thing that catches our attention, when we think about the post-season, is the ranking of players with the most rings won, right after we think of the all-time leading scorers and the top scorers in a single game.

So today we present to you the player with the most points in NBA Playoffs and the all-time ranking!

Record of Points in NBA Playoffs

The record for points scored in NBA playoffs is 7.631 points and belongs to LeBron James who, still active, will continue to increase the distance from the second place in the ranking, Michael Jordan, who is already over 1,500 points behind.

The words to describe LeBron’s dominance have been running out for years and if anyone still had doubts about him, all they would have to do is take a look at his countless records.

NBA Playoff All-Time Scoring Leaders

1LeBron James*7.680
2Michael Jordan5.987
3Kareem Abdul-Jabbar5.762
4Kobe Bryant5.640
5Shaquille O’Neal5.250
6Tim Duncan5.172
7Karl Malone4.761
8Kevin Durant*4.639
9Julius Erving4.580
10Jerry West4.457
11Tony Parker4.045
12Dwyane Wade3.954
13Larry Bird3.897
14John Havlicek3.776
15Hakeem Olajuwon3.755
16Magic Johnson3.701
17Steph Curry3.664
18Dirk Nowitzki3.663
19Scottie Pippen3.642
20Elgin Baylor3.623
21Wilt Chamberlain3.607
22James Harden*3.466
* Active players

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