NBA Playoff, the Lowest-scoring Games

Which Playoff game ended up with the lowest score? Let’s check it out!

We have already talked about the NBA Playoff highest-scoring games, so today we’ll present you the negative part of the record: the Playoff Top-20 games with the lowest score.

NBA Playoff Lowest-scoring Games

The record belongs to Philadelphia Warriors and St. Louis Bombers. The 1948 Eastern Conference Semifinal ended up 51 to 56. The two teams scored only 107 points in total, a raw deal compared to usual.

The low score derived from the numerous errors at the shooting: the Warriors scored the 17.7% of the attempts, the Bombers the 26.3%.

More recently, we have witnessed a 66 to 64 in Game-3 of the 2002 Eastern Conference Semifinal between Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons.

In this match, too, the low score depended on the numerous errors at the shooting. In particular, the third quarter recorded the most dramatic statistics: 26.7% FG for Detroit Pistons (4-of-15) and 23.5% for Boston Celtics (4-of-17).

NBA Playoff Low-scoring Games

#GameTotal PointsDate
1Philadelphia Warriors 51-56 St. Louis Bombers10730 March 1948
2Philadelphia Warriors 53-59 Syracuse Nationals11223 March 1950
3St. Louis Bombers 60-58 Philadelphia Warriors11823 March 1948
4Minneapolis Lakers 60-62 Syracuse Nationals1223 April 1954
Minneapolis Lakers 67-55 Rochester Royals12229 March 1949
Chicago Stags 55-67 Washington Capitols12212 April 1947
Chicago Stags 67-55 Washington Capitols1228 April 1947
Washington Capitols 55-67 Chicago Stags1223 April 1947
9St. Louis Bombers 73-51 Philadelphia Warriors1245 April 1947
10Minneapolis Lakers 75-50 Anderson Packers1255 April 1950
New York Knicks 53-72 Philadelphia Warriors12514 April 1947
12Chicago Stags 66-61 Washington Capitols12712 April 1947
13Minneapolis Lakers 63-65 Syracuse Nationals12811 April 1954
Cleveland Rebels 77-51 New York Knicks1282 April 1947
15Philadelphia Warriors 63-66 Baltimore Bullets12913 April 1948
St. Louis Bombers 64-65 Philadelphia Warriors12925 March 1948
17Boston Celtics 66-64 Detroit Pistons13010 May 2002
St. Louis Bombers 64-66 Rochester Royals13023 March 1949
19Philadelphia Warriors 71-60 Baltimore Bullets13110 April 1948
St. Louis Bombers 46-85 Philadelphia Warriors1316 April 1948
St. Louis Bombers 69-62 Philadelphia Warriors1311 April 1948

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