Who’s Challenging Curry for NBA MVP Crown?

There are players who just seem to have a knack for claiming the MVP award, with LeBron James having won the award four times and Steph Curry having won it twice

Steph Curry

To become the NBA MVP is one of the toughest achievements in all of sport, as top players must balance the needs of the team above all else, while also ensuring their stats exceed those of every other star performer in the league.

That said, there are certain players who just seem to have a knack for claiming the MVP award, with LeBron James having won the award four times and Steph Curry having won it twice.

Indeed, six years after winning his last MVP crown, Curry has been topping the NBA’s power rankings once again; pouring in points like it is nobody’s business. Here we take a look at those players who will push the Golden State Warrior all the way in 2022.

Aged 33, Curry still has plenty more in the tank, as he has been busy showing this regular season, where his scoring abilities have gone unmatched

Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets

Another NBA veteran who is rolling back the years this season is Kevin Durant, although he has some serious help to hand from Nets teammates like James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Being part of the most powerful roster in the league means that Durant will have to work extra hard to impress betting tipsters and the MVP judging panel, with the former only having doubts about the 33-year-old’s body holding up to the rigours of what is already proving to be a tough season physically and mentally.

Having said that, there are no shortage of NBA betting tips columns both online and offline that think Durant still has more than enough in the tank to add to the first MVP crown he won all the way back in 2014.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

If the Greek Freak is not beholden to the NBA’s stringent Health and Safety protocols he is still probably the most dangerous player in the NBA, but so far this season that has been a very big “IF”, as he has been side lined for more games than Bucks fans are comfortable with. Of course, his MVP awards in 2019 and 2020 show that he is more than good enough to claim a hat-trick of MVP crowns, but right now he is languishing behind some of his closest rivals. After all, you cannot score points and make rebounds while sitting watching games from home.

Giannis still looks deadly when he is out on the boards, but a lack of game time could be what ultimately holds him back from forming a body of work worthy of the MVP award

Nikola Jokic – Denver Nuggets

The current NBA MVP is this giant Serbian center, whose numbers continue to stack up, but whose team are not really keeping up their end of the bargain. At the time of writing the Nuggets are hovering around the underwhelming .500 mark, with head coach Michael Malone cutting a dejected figure at courtside, wondering why he is not quite getting the mix right. That will all have to change if Jokic is to cling on to the honour he had bestowed upon him in 2021.

Chris Paul – Phoenix Suns

As is becoming clear at this point, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the old timers, as Chris Paul is helping shape one of the most effective units in the league out in the desert. There are few better team-players in the league than Paul, and even though his three pointer stats are well below par for someone as good as him, he is still riding high in the MVP power rankings of most online magazines and media outlets.

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