NBA Injuries, the most likely to miss the Playoffs

With the near start of the Playoffs, we analyze some situations about the top players that are recovering from an injury

Embiid e Simmons

Apart from the two big stars of the Brooklyn Nets (Durant and Irving), there are no other big names who already have the certainty of not being able to participate in the Playoffs with their respective teams.

However, some situations remain to be monitored, and the main ones are the following:

Russell Westbrook (GUARD – HOU)

Russell suffered a strain to his right quadriceps in the match with the Spurs, his return is yet to be defined even if it is already certain that he will miss the first games of the series. So, here’s a (predictable) tip: Harden will have to carry the team on his shoulders until his return.

Ben Simmons (GUARD – PHI)

The one of Simmons is a heavy absence. After having done a cleaning operation on his right knee, he was declared out indefinitely. Some argue that his presence in the late postseason would not be totally unfeasible, even if it is going to be hard for Philadelphia to continue without one of its best players.

Domantas Sabonis (FORWARD – IND)

The tall Lithuanian has been missing for several weeks now and it cannot be denied that his contribution to the Pacers would have been extremely useful. The plantar fasciitis that hit him seems to be improving even if the hopes of seeing him in the Playoffs are still very low despite the treatments he is undergoing.

Joel Embiid (CENTER – PHI)

His exit from the pitch after the second quarter in the match against Toronto had worried many Philadelphia fans who feared another relapse from the Cameroonian center. According to coach Brown, however, the player is already better and is not at risk for the Playoffs like the other players mentioned above. This is confirmed by his presence on the pitch tonight against the Houston Rockets where he played 23 minutes before garbage time.

T.J.Warren (FORWARD – IND)

We finish this short article with one of the most hottest players of the Orlando bubble, together with Dame Lillard: Warren. He is also suffering from plantar fasciitis (like Sabonis) but of a minor entity, this has made him unavailable since the last game but according to the Pacers staff he will be able to return to play from the first minute of the Playoffs (against his arch enemy Butler).

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