NBA Playoffs, the 10 Longest Absences in History

Here is the ranking of the 10 absences from the longest playoffs in NBA history

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Have you ever wondered which teams have missed the NBA Playoffs for more consecutive seasons in NBA history?

Here’s a guide that’s right for you with the 10 teams that have missed the NBA Playoffs for more years in a row. After these bitter numbers, to make up for it, here are some interesting articles related to the most anticipated part of the season:

Longest Absence from NBA Playoffs

After 16 years of absence from the NBA Playoffs, the Sacramento Kings managed to qualify for the post-season by breaking a negative record that had lasted since 2006.

The Kings came from dark seasons, full of failures and disappointments accompanied by sudden coaching changes, trades that did not lead to the desired result and wrong choices during Draft day.

In fact, the last appearance of the California franchise in the post-season was given on May 5th, 2006. That year, the Kings faced off against the San Antonio Spurs in the first round and came out defeated by 4-2: after the first two defeats, Rick Adelman’s men managed to come back up to 2-2, only to fall under the blows of Duncan-Parker-Ginobili trio.

Below is a ranking of the 10 longest absences in NBA Playoff history

#TeamYear of absenceSeason
1Sacramento Kings162006-2022
2Los Angeles Clippers151977-1992
3Minnesota Timberwolves132005-2018
4Golden State Warriors121995-2007
5Phoenix Suns102011-2021
Dallas Mavericks101991-2001
7Golden State Warriors91978-1987
Utah Jazz91975-1984
Sacramento Kings91987-1996
10Denver Nuggets81996-2004
Memphis Grizzlies81996-2004
Atlanta Hawks82000-2008
Los Angeles Clippers81998-2006

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