NBA career Playoff games played leaders

Which star played the most Payoff games in NBA history? Here you are the all-time ranking

LeBron nelle Finals del 2016

Playoffs are the most exciting and awaited part of the entire NBA season. It’s the part where history is written and in which all the efforts made during the Regular Season converge.

Playing a single Playoff game is never easy, let alone playing more than 200, as many NBA stars did.

Let’s see who are the all-time leaders.

Who played the most NBA Playoff games?

The record, 260 Playoff games played, belongs to LeBron James. In 2020, first reached, then passed Derek Fisher, ex Lakers player, writing another page of Nba history. The overtake occurred in Finals Game 6 against Miami Heat.

LeBron’s Playoff debute occurred on April 22, 2006 against the Wizards. In 260 matches, he’s got 4 championships (2 in Miami, 1 in Cleveland and Los Angeles) and 4 Finals MVP.

NBA Career Playoff Games Played Leaders

1LeBron James260
2Derek Fisher259
3Tim Duncan251
4Robert Horry244
5Kareem Abdul-Jabbar237
6Tony Parker226
7Kobe Bryant220
8Manu Ginobili218
9Shaquille O’Neal216
10Scottie Pippen208
11Danny Ainge193
Karl Malone193
13Magic Johnson190
14Robert Parish184
15Byron Scott183
16John Stockton182
17Dennis Johnson180
18Michael Jordan179
19Dwyane Wade177
Rasheed Wallace177
21John Havlicek172
22Ray Allen171
23Paul Pierce170
Horace Grant170
25Dennis Rodman169
Kevin McHale169
27Michael Copper168
28Sam Perkins167
29Andre Iguodala166
30Bill RUssell165
31Larry Bird164
32Paul Silas163
33Wilt Chamberlain160
34Jason Kidd158
35Sam jones154
Gary Payton154
37Jerry West153
A.C. Green153
39Don Nelson150
40James Jones148
41Udonis Haslem147
Lindsey Hunter147
43Chauncey Billups146
44Danny Green145
Clyde Drexler145
Dirk Nowitzki145
Kyle Korver145
Hakeem Olajuwon145
49Reggie Miller144
Serge Ibaka144
Charles Oakley144
52James Worthy143
Kevin Garnett143
Kendrick Perkins143
55Derrick McKey142
Active players are listed in bold

Active Players

#PlayerGames played
1LeBron James260
2Andre Iguodala166
3Udonis Haslem147
4Danny Green145
5Serge Ibaka144
6Kevin Durant139
7James Harden128
8George Hill127
9Al Horford124
Kawhi Leonard124
11Draymond Green123
Klay Thomspon123
13Rajon Rondo121
14Paul Millsap120
15Dwight Howard113
16Stephen Curry112
17J.J. Redick110
18Chris Paul109
19Russell Westbrook106
20Trevor Ariza102

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