NBA Playoffs 2023, 76ers Vs Nets Preview

Philadelphia 76ers Vs Brooklyn Nets seems like a series without a story, but is it really so? Here is our NBA Playoffs 2023 Preview

Harden ed Embiid durante un'intervista

If we go in chronological order, we see that on Saturday at 7pm EST, the 2023 Playoffs will officially open at the Wells Fargo Center, with the clash between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets.

The challenge between third and sixth in the East probably appears as the most unbalanced of the entire bracket, with the roster of a team fundamentally tanking finding itself facing the future MVP Joel Embiid; is it really so?

It will be a very difficult challenge, but precisely this will make it beautiful and make us better

Mikal Bridges

Phila has significantly increased the engine’s revolutions in the last months of the Regular Season, especially thanks to its stars, who guarantee an offensive consistency with few equals.

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On the contrary, Brooklyn finds itself in the post-season only thanks to the first part of the season, in which Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant played at stellar levels; after dismantling the old core, the Nets find themselves with the strong piece of the exchange with the Suns, Mikal Bridges, who is playing at All-Star levels, seasoned with Spencer Dinwiddie and a multitude of talented wings, but probably poorly integrable among themselves.

This new variant has made them one of the best defenses on the “small,” but it has left a gap around Nick Claxton in which the more dominant big men easily find the necessary space to collect points and rebounds.

On the other hand, Phila is a very solid team, which rests its success on the axis of James HardenJoel Embiid, with simple but very well-oiled mechanisms.

Considering the defensive deficiencies of the New Yorkers on the centers and the inhuman levels at which the Cameroonian center is playing, we feel obliged to give the Doc Rivers’ band the favorite, who could quickly get rid of the opponents: the Nets, at their lowest point, have created a nice atmosphere, but for the NBA Playoffs, it’s still a bit too little, in our opinion.

In addition, the Nets themselves cannot wait to conclude this troubled season to concentrate more calmly on planning for the future.

NBA Playoff 2023 Preview

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