NBA Playoffs 2023, Kings Vs Warriors Preview

The reigning champions, the Golden State Warriors, face off against the Sacramento Kings, who return to the playoffs after 17 years: who will come out on top?

Fox e Monk intervistati dopo la vittoria contro i Clippers

The first game in the West features a clash between two franchises with completely different weights: on one hand, the Kings, who have become almost a meme for their misfortunes, both caused and not, that have prevented them from qualifying for the Playoffs for 17 years (the longest absence in NBA history); on the other hand, the multi-award winning Warriors, the ultimate winners.

Despite this, the dominators of the season so far have been the Kings, with 48 wins and an extraordinary continuity of performance, both at home, in front of the hottest crowd in the league, and on the road, where they have shown an enviable lightness.

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Starting the series in what will be a purple triumph should benefit the Sacramento franchise, but on the other side, GSW will certainly be ready: this roster lives for these nights and, with Andrew Wiggins back, could recreate the same chemistry that led them to the title less than a year ago. Moreover, Steph Curry is the same phenomenon who seems not to feel the weight of passing years, while the other “goal twin”, Klay Thompson, seems to have finally returned to the levels that befit him after his injury and a very complicated first season.

De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, for their part, have grown tremendously, well supported by excellent role players like Kevin Huerter and Keegan Murray, and masterfully managed by the former of the evening, coach Mike Brown, who has created the ideal environment to revive the Californian franchise.

In our opinion, this series cannot but see the Warriors as favorites, for their history and winning DNA, as well as the specific weight of all the elements on the roster, but the Kings will fight until the final whistle. In our opinion, Fox and company can snatch at least a couple of victories in this series, perhaps right in front of that home crowd that can’t wait to turn on the famous purple beam, The Beam.

NBA Playoff 2023 Preview

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