NBA Players with the Most All Star Appearances

The list of players with the most appearances in the NBA All Star Game: check pout who holds the record for selections in history

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Lakers

The time has come for the All Star Game 2021, probably the most controversial in history.

Today we want to focus on the historical aspect of the All Star Game, drawing up the players with the most selections.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Record for All Star Game Appearances

The player with the most appearances in the All-Star Game is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has 19 selections in his career.

This is just another of the many records that belong to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, including the best scorer, the most minutes played and the field goals in NBA history.

NBA All Star Selections

1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar191970–1977; 1979–1989
2Kobe Bryant181998; 2000–2016
3LeBron James172005–2021
4Tim Duncan151998; 2000–2011; 2013; 2015
Kevin Garnett151997–1998; 2000–2011; 2013
Shaquille O’Neal151993–1998; 2000–2007; 2009
7Michael Jordan141985–1993; 1996–1998; 2002–2003
Karl Malone141988–1998; 2000–2002
Dirk Nowitzki142002–2012; 2014–2015; 2019
Jerry West141961–1974
11Wilt Chamberlain131960–1969; 1971–1973
Bob Cousy131951–1963
John Havlicek131966–1978
Dwyane Wade132005–2016; 2019
15Larry Bird121980–1988; 1990–1992
Elvin Hayes121969–1980
Magic Johnson121980; 1982–1992
Moses Malone121978–1989
Hakeem Olajuwon121985–1990; 1992–1997
Oscar Robertson121961–1972
Bill Russell121958–1969
Dolph Schayes121951–1962
Isiah Thomas121982–1993
24Charles Barkley111987–1997
Elgin Baylor111959–1965; 1967–1970
Chris Bosh112006–2016
Kevin Durant112010–2019; 2021
Julius Erving111977–1987
Patrick Ewing111986; 1988–1997
Allen Iverson112000–2010
Chris Paul112008–2016; 2020–2021
Bob Pettit111955–1965
33Ray Allen102000–2002; 2004–2009; 2011
Carmelo Anthony102007–2008; 2010–2017
Paul Arizin101951–1952; 1955–1962
Clyde Drexler101986; 1988–1994; 1996–1997
Hal Greer101961–1970
Jason Kidd101996; 1998; 2000–2004; 2007–2008; 2010
Paul Pierce102002–2006; 2008–2012
David Robinson101990–1996; 1998; 2000–2001
John Stockton101989–1997; 2000

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